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  • The event was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago from February 27 - March 2, 1982. We were brought together by our press agent, Steve Simon of SSPR.

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  • EVENTS Elitch Gardens Fright Fest Oct. 5-27: "Family by Day, Fright by Night" is the theme. Not-so-scary activities are offered during the day on weekends including the Trick or Treat Trail. At 5 p.m. each Friday through Sunday the park is terrorized by Zombies with three new haunted attractions: Flesh Factory, Terror Chamber, and Seance.

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Sspr Hyatt (2024)


What is the Hyatt employee discount? ›

• Complimentary Hotel Stays: Hyatt colleagues are eligible to book up to 12 complimentary room nights per. year at any Hyatt hotel in the world. During their stay, colleagues also receive a 50% discount on food and beverage as well as a 20% discount on all spa services.

How do I reset my Hyatt password? ›

Visit Forgotten Password, enter your user name or World of Hyatt account number, email address currently in your profile and click 'Continue'. World of Hyatt will email you a temporary password that you can use to access the site and set your own password.

How many Hyatt points for a free night? ›

World of Hyatt. Here in the World of Hyatt, rewards can be earned on everything from stays to dining to experiences and more. Free nights start at just 3,500 points, which you could earn in a single stay.

What does qualifying night mean at Hyatt? ›

A Tier-Qualifying Night is any night when the member stays at a Hyatt hotel or resort, pays an Eligible Rate or redeems a free night award, and associates his or her World of Hyatt membership number with the reservation. Are the points I earn through qualifying meetings Base Points or Bonus Points?

Do hotel employees get discounts on hotels? ›

Many hotels offer reduced room rates for their employees or others in the industry. Plus, special industry rates can also extend to travel companions and family members. Some hotels also offer free or discounted meals for employees and others in the industry.

Who is Hyatt owned by? ›

On December 31, 2004, substantially all of the hospitality assets owned by Pritzker family business interests, including Hyatt Corporation and Hyatt International Corporation, were consolidated under a single entity, now Hyatt Hotels Corporation. Jay Pritzker buys Hyatt House, a small motor lodge near LAX.

How to get Hyatt Explorist fast? ›

How to qualify for World of Hyatt status
  1. Discoverist: Stay 10 nights, book three meetings and events, or earn 25,000 base points (the equivalent of $5,000 in spending).
  2. Explorist: Stay 30 nights, book 10 meetings and events, or earn 50,000 base points (the equivalent of $10,000 in spending).
Feb 26, 2024

Is Hyatt part of Hilton or Marriott? ›

Hyatt hotels are not part of the Hilton portfolio. Hyatt and Hilton are two separate hotel chains with different brands and different properties. Which is nicer, Hyatt or Hilton? Hyatt and Hilton have many different brands in their collections of hotels, including high-end luxury properties.

How much are 50,000 Hyatt points worth? ›

How much are 25,000 Hyatt points worth? Based on our analysis, 25,000 Hyatt points are worth about $575. How much are 50,000 Hyatt points worth? Based on our analysis, 50,000 Hyatt points are worth about $1,150.

What does 25000 Hyatt points get you? ›

With 10 qualifying nights or 25,000 Base Points or 3 meetings or events in a calendar year, you'll receive Discoverist status and benefits. Or, become a World of Hyatt Credit Cardmember and enjoy automatic Discoverist status.

Do Hyatt points expire? ›

How long are my Hyatt points good for? In the World of Hyatt program, if your account is inactive for 24 consecutive months, all of the points in your account will be forfeited. In other words, your points will expire. And once your points expire, there's no way to get them back.

Does Hyatt status reset every year? ›

Hyatt Globalist status lasts for at least 14 months. You'll get Globalist status for the rest of the year in which you earn it, the following year, then the first two months of the year after that. Let's say you earn Hyatt Globalist in December of 2023. That means you'll have status through Feb.

How to become a globalist at Hyatt? ›

Earn 100,000 base points

You can ascend to World of Hyatt Globalist by earning 100,000 base points each year. By booking directly, World of Hyatt members earn five base points for each dollar spent on eligible rates at Hyatt hotels and resorts.

Can I book a Hyatt stay for someone else? ›

Yes, for some awards, you can book award stays on behalf of someone else. Free Night Awards, certain Room Upgrade Awards, Points + Cash Awards, and Guest of Honor Awards are eligible to be booked in the name of another person. 6.

What are the benefits of working for Hyatt? ›

We're proud to offer exceptional benefits including: complimentary and discounted stays at Hyatt hotels around the world; a global family assistance policy with paid time off following the birth or adoption of a child as well as financial assistance for adoption; and work-life benefits including wellbeing initiatives ...

How many comp nights do Hyatt employees get? ›

While you are working at the hyatt you get 12 complementary nights a year.

What is the employee discount for Hilton hotels? ›


You will be able to enjoy 100 discounted nights per year, with Team Member room rates at Hilton properties as low as $40 USD, Family & Friends rates at up to 50% off publicly available rates and a 50% discount at participating hotel restaurants when staying with Go Hilton rates!

What is the Hyatt employee stock purchase plan? ›

ESPPs are company stock benefits that enable employees to purchase company stock at a discounted price (usually at 5% to 15%). You contribute to the plan through payroll deductions — similar to how you contribute to a company 401(k) — which then accumulates between the offer date and the purchase date.


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