Welcome to Stark County, Ohio (2024)

The purpose of Inmate Services is to assist inmates with non-medical social service needs and to provide inmate programs. The department consists of one supervisor, four officers, one account clerk, one commissary clerk and one clerk that assists in visitation and general office duties.

Inmate Services has many functions and responsibilities, including: commissary, vending, inmate accounts, family and professional visitation; assisting inmates making phone calls for legal representation and social services; prisoner property releases; processing inmate property left behind; sorting inmate mail; inmate haircuts; assembling and distribution of inmate care packages; hygiene kits, handbooks and library books. Inmate Services also arranges and supervises all in-house professional appointments for inmates by outside agencies.

The Stark County Sheriff's Office has a new inmate commissary system through Keefe Commissary Company. We are happy to announce that the families/friends of inmates can now log on towww.StarkPackages.com, view the commissary menu options available, place and purchase an order for an inmate and it will be sent directly to the our jail for that inmate. Inmates can purchase and receive commissary three days a week. All profits from the sale of hygiene products, clothing, food items and games are used to purchase supplies and equipment for the inmates. These funds are also used to purchase hygiene products and clothing for the indigent inmates, winter coveralls and hats for the inmates who work outside and inmate uniforms and footwear.

Inmate Accounts is responsible for the handling of all incoming and outgoing monies for the inmates. We no longer accept any form of money through the mail. There is a Kiosk located in the Stark County Jail Lobby that accepts cash and/or credit to place funds into an account for an inmate to utilize for purchasing commissary and phone calls. You can also deposit funds for an inmate by logging on towww.AccessCorrections.comorwww.ICSolutions.com.

Stark County has contracted with ICSolutions to provide phone service in the jail for the inmates to use. State standards require that phones be available for use by the inmates from a secured area.

Inmate Services personnel supervise video visitations for the inmates, which has afforded a flexibility not seen in most correctional facilities. This permits simultaneous visitation for males, females and juveniles, which was not possible in the past thereby, allowing expanded hours and opportunities for visitors. In 2016, we expanded our video visitation to include off-site visiting. Family/friends and professionals who cannot come to the jail to visit an inmate can now visit by using their computer or any internet enabled device. This added feature allows family/friends and professionals to visit with an inmate Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM and isNOTrestricted to one visit per week. By choosing this option, you may visit with an inmate several times during the set days/hours allotted. You must log on towww.ICSolutions.comto register and schedule a specific time to visit. The cost is minimal (about the same as a phone call). The same ICSolutions account used with the inmate telephones is used for visitation registration and scheduling and is more convenient than waiting in long lines for an on-site visit at our facility.

In order to place money on inmate accounts, both for commissary as well as telephone usage, a kiosk is available in the lobby of the Stark County Jail. It is accessible from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. The kiosk will accept cash, MasterCard and Visa.Money orders are no longer accepted by Inmate Services.

Effective on June 1, 2021, the Stark County Sheriff's office has a new Mail Management provider called TextBehind. Going forward, TextBehind will photocopy all physical mail received from your family & friends. They can also create electronic letters with photos online through TextBehind. All mail will be reviewed, and approved by the facility staff before it is accessed by your loved one using the video units provided at the institution. Please advise your family and friends to submit their electronic letters using the TextBehind.com website or mobile app by 11:00 AM Monday through Friday for approved mail to become available to your loved one on the same day.


  1. Sending Electronic Mail through TextBehind: Your family and friends can now create and send electronic letters, greeting cards, photos, and drawings from your children at an affordable cost online by visiting TextBehind.com using a computer or FREE TextBehind mobile app for smartphones. You will receive all family and friends electronic mail in high-quality print form as shown behind this notice.
  2. Sending Hand-Written Physical Mail to TextBehind: If your family and friends choose to write letters by hand, they must send their letters to the following TextBehind mailing address to be photocopied before being forwarded to this correctional facility. To meet the mail processing standards, every mail envelope sent to an offender must contain the following information:
    1. Sender’s complete first and last name. Initials are not acceptable.
    2. Sender’s complete return address.
    3. Offender’s complete first and last name. Initials are not acceptable.
    4. Offender Number.
    5. Correctional institution full name. Abbreviations are not acceptable.

Any envelope without complete or missing information as specified above, either for the sender or the offender will be rejected and discarded UNOPENED without exception. The correct address format is as follows:

Offender First / Last Name and Offender Number
Stark County Jail (do not abbreviate facility name)
P.O. Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131


TextBehind does not accept legal mail, money orders, personal checks, gift cards or cash in the mail. These unacceptable items will be returned to the sender. Please advise your family and friends to visit correctional institution’s website for more information.

Family and friends may telephone Inmate Services at330-430-3858for further information.

Welcome to Stark County, Ohio (2024)


What is Stark County known for? ›

Stark County is nationally recognized for serving as the location of the NFL Professional Football Hall of Fame. The area is also the world headquarters for several large corporations including The Timken Company, TimkenSteel, Diebold Nixdorf Corporation, the Kenan Advantage Group, and Shearer's Foods.

What county is North Canton in? ›

North Canton is a city in central Stark County, Ohio, United States.

What county is Massillon, Ohio in? ›

What county is Uniontown, Ohio in? ›

Uniontown is a census-designated place (CDP) in Stark County, Ohio, United States.

Is Stark County Democrat or Republican? ›

Locally, it has generally been a strong Republican area, but that changed in the 1990s and into the 2000s, where it remained highly competitive for both parties. In 1992, it became a swing county that tilted Democratic, and over the next 15–20 years more local office holders were Democrats.

Why is Canton, Ohio famous? ›

After this decline, the city's industry diversified into the service economy, including retailing, education, finance and healthcare. Canton is chiefly notable for being the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the birthplace of the National Football League.

What is Massillon, Ohio famous for? ›

The town, which has raised more than two dozen professional football players and ten professional baseball stars, carried the nickname “The City of Champions,” during the second half of the twentieth century. That moniker has been revived and Massillon is known again today as “The City of Champions.”

How much does the mayor of Massillon make? ›

MASSILLON – City Council has amended the salary amounts on a proposal aiming to raise the pay for the offices of mayor and auditor. Salary for the mayor is in line to rise from $70,487 annually to $84,000, beginning in January 2024, while the auditor's salary would jump from $57,000 to $71,000.

What is the meaning of Massillon? ›

the quality or state of having or showing a lack of experience or judgment.

What counties border Stark County Ohio? ›

Stark County, Ohio is bordered by Portage County, Ohio, Columbiana County, Ohio, Summit County, Ohio, Wayne County, Ohio, Mahoning County, Ohio, Tuscarawas County, Ohio, Holmes County, Ohio, and Carroll County, Ohio.

What Ohio county is 55? ›

52 - Medina County: Medina. 53 - Meigs County: Pomeroy. 54 - Mercer County: Celina. 55 - Miami County: Troy.

What counties are in Ironton Ohio? ›

The City of Ironton is the county seat of Lawrence County, Ohio and is located along the Ohio River in Southern Ohio.

What Indian tribes were in Stark County Ohio? ›

French explorers traversed this area in 1669 and the first English traders visited the County between 1730 and 1740. By 1750 there were seven major tribes of Indians in Ohio: Mingo, Chippewa, Delaware, Shawnee, Miami, Ottawa, and Wyandot. Several important trails crossed the County long before the white man came.

Is Canton, Ohio worth visiting? ›

Canton, Ohio

Canton is well-known to American football fans. Touted as the birthplace of American pro football, Canton celebrates its sporting history with the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame as well as the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival, featuring a hot air balloon fest, barbeque, parades and a football game.

What is the highest point in Stark County? ›

WHAT: The view from the highest point in Stark County ― 1,354 feet above sea level. WHERE: On land at 13280 Warren Road NE, in Paris Township. WHEN: This photo was taken the afternoon of March 9, 2023. THE STORY: The Rosenberger property, mostly farmland, includes the exact highest point in the county.

What are the demographics of Stark County Ohio? ›

Stark County, OH is home to a population of 374k people, from which 99% are citizens. As of 2022, 2.19% of Stark County, OH residents were born outside of the country (8.19k people). In 2022, there were 11.5 times more White (Non-Hispanic) residents (319k people) in Stark County, OH than any other race or ethnicity.


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