Does Wednesday end up with Xavier? (2024)

Does Wednesday end up with Xavier?


Follows Wednesday Addams' years as a student, when she attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a killing spree, and solve the mystery that embroiled her parents. › title
does not end up with Xavier in Wednesday season 1 despite what seemed to be set up by the show.

Who is Wednesday Addams love interest?

Even though she had a grim view of personal relationships, the Netflix series led Wednesday down a romantic storyline with Tyler (Hunter Doohan), which transformed into a love triangle with Xavier (Percy Hynes White).

Who will Wednesday end up with in Season 2?

Ortega also revealed that Wednesday won't have a love interest in Season Two. In Season One, she was involved in a love triangle, but for some viewers, the romance fell flat. While speaking with Variety, Ortega said removing that plot point was a “really great” decision.

Does Wednesday get with Xavier in Season 2?

“We're ditching any romantic love interest for Wednesday, which is really great,” Ortega revealed during Variety's Actors and Actors series, referring to the love triangle created between her character Wednesday and White and Doohan's characters, Tyler and Xaiver — a love triangle Ortega has referred to in the past as ...

Does Wednesday like Tyler or Xavier?

Tim Burton's Wednesday sets up a love triangle between Tyler, Xavier, and Wednesday Addams early in the series. While Wednesday seems to develop feelings for Tyler, she is more interested in solving the Jericho mystery than chasing boys.

Is Xavier in love with Wednesday?

Although it cannot necessarily be said that Xavier has feelings for Wednesday, he does love to flirt with her. It seemed that it would take a while before Xavier and Wednesday could rebuild their friendship after she got him wrongfully arrested for being the monster, but that was not what happened after all.

Who does Wednesday Addams end up kissing?

At the end of the seventh episode of the series, Tyler and Wednesday finally have their first kiss. Everything seems perfect and Wednesday even smiles. However, at that moment, Wednesday gets one of the psychic visions.

Does Wednesday get a boyfriend in the series?

Wednesday has two love interests over the course of the Netflix series, but neither actually becomes her boyfriend. Within her first week at Nevermore Academy, Wednesday reunites with Xavier Thorpe, who she actually knew from childhood.

Does Wednesday still end up with Tyler?

So, Wednesday doesn't actually end up wither either of them at the end of the season. Season 1's finale, however, does appear to set up the potential for Wednesday and Xavier to have a romance in season 2. But we'll have to wait and see how (and if) their relationship unfolds into anything more.

Why was Xavier dreaming about the Hyde?

Xavier has psychic visions like Wednesday, but they're more powerful, and they come to him in dreams, not by touching something. It is not fully explained, but his visions have some connection to his drawings, which are what spurred his paintings of the Hyde.

Does Wednesday end up with anyone?

Wednesday meets with Tyler and kisses him, which triggers a vision of him as the Hyde—and Tyler goes from potential boyfriend to the bad guy. In one of the wise decisions concerning the love triangle, Wednesday does not end up with either guy.

Why won t Xavier be in Wednesday?

Wednesday character Xavier Thorpe won't be back for a second season of the hit Netflix show after actor Percy Hynes White was embroiled in allegations of sexual assault.

Will Tyler be in season 2 of Wednesday?

Who is in the Wednesday Season 2 cast? Cast members Ortega, Hunter Doohan (Tyler Galpin), Emma Myers (Enid Sinclair), and Joy Sunday (Bianca Barclay) all stopped by Tudum: A Global Fan Event to talk Wednesday Season 2 — and spill a little bit about who you might spy alongside them in upcoming episodes.

Why did Tyler hate Wednesday?

According to Hunter Doohan (Tyler's actor), Tyler was deceiving Wednesday the entire time and even if he felt any attraction or respect for her, there was no true romantic feelings. Tyler actually hated Wednesday and the rest of the Addams Family, and all of Nevermore because of what happened to his mother.

Are Wednesday and Enid dating?

While the news that there won't be any love interests is a disappointment for those hoping to see a romance blossom between Wednesday and Enid, it's good news overall for Wednesday season 2.

Did Xavier forgive Wednesday?

Before she leaves, Xavier forgives Wednesday for thinking he was the Hyde and getting him arrested.

What is Xavier age in Wednesday?

Xavier Thorpe is supposed to be around 16. Percy Hynes White is 21. Thorpe can bring his own works of art to life using his psychic abilities. He's also a skilled archer.

Is Tyler in love with Wednesday?

Now, in an interview with EW, Doohan reveals whether Tyler ever harbored true feelings for Wednesday. He was blinded by his vengeance and what had happened to his mother, and therefore, the only thing he truly cared for was destroying Wednesday, the Addams Family, and Nevermore.

Does Wednesday fall in love with Tyler?

She even has Xavier arrested for the murders, putting a damper on his feelings for her as well. At the end of the seasons' penultimate episode, Wednesday decides to finally act on her growing feelings for Tyler and share her first kiss with him, which is when it all falls apart.

Why did Wednesday hug Enid?

Enid had gone through her first werewolf transformation and fought to save her friends. After such a big event, Enid hugged Wednesday, who finally reciprocated. This was a big life lesson about opening up.

Who has a crush on Wednesday in the series?

The love triangle between Tyler Galpin, Xavier Thorpe, and Wednesday existed throughout the show. Wednesday does choose Tyler over Xavier, but Xavier doesn't let his feelings die.

Does Wednesday blink?

Jenna opened up about the unique character trait, telling the TODAY show: “[Wednesday] doesn't blink. [Tim Burton] likes it when I tilt my chin down and look through my eyebrows, kind of like a Kubrick stare, and then I relax all the muscles in my face.”

Why does Xavier hate Tyler?

Before the events of the series, he got assaulted by Tyler Galpin and his friends, who also destroyed one of his murals. Tyler was then sent to bootcamp and came back to Jericho as a reformed person, but Xavier continued to dislike him immensely.

What happened after Wednesday kissed Tyler?

Unfortunately, the teen's first kiss also leads to one of her visions, which reveals that Tyler is actually the Hyde, the monster in the woods that has been killing people and taking body parts all season.

What is Xavier's secret in Wednesday?

As an avid painter, Xavier has been having visions of the Hyde, which he paints, but Wednesday believes this is due to him being the Hyde. Like Wednesday's supernatural power being visions, Xavier tells Wednesday that he has dreams of the Hyde, which he then paints.

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