Why did Xavier have claw marks on his neck? (2024)

Why did Xavier have claw marks on his neck?

He discloses that one of his paintings of the monster reached out of the canvas and took a swipe at him, leaving the scratch marks on his neck. Wednesday

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, a teenager who possesses psychic powers. She is sent to Nevermore Academy for causing mischief at several other schools. Ortega also plays Goody Addams, Wednesday's deceased ancestor from the 1600s, whom Wednesday sees in visions of the past.
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says she thought he was able to control his ability, but Xavier admits that he can't control his paintings of the monster.

Why does Xavier have scratches on neck?

As he explains, he has been tormented by nightmares of the monster and has been using his art to process the images. One of the images inadvertently came to life the previous evening, scratching Xavier's neck.

What is Xavier's secret in Wednesday?

As an avid painter, Xavier has been having visions of the Hyde, which he paints, but Wednesday believes this is due to him being the Hyde. Like Wednesday's supernatural power being visions, Xavier tells Wednesday that he has dreams of the Hyde, which he then paints.

What was Xaviers power in Wednesday?

Xavier Thorpe is one of the main characters of the Netflix series Wednesday. He is a psychic student at Nevermore Academy. Xavier is an artist and possesses an innate talent for painting, which he can animate through his telekinesis.

Is Xavier the monster in Wednesday?

Tyler Galpin is the monster aka the hyde in the series Wednesday. Disclaimer: The information below consists of major spoilers for the Netflix series Wednesday. In episode seven "If You Don't Woe Me by Now", it was revealed that the hyde is none other than Wednesday Addams' love interest, Tyler Galpin.

Why was Xavier having dreams about the Hyde?

Xavier has psychic visions like Wednesday, but they're more powerful, and they come to him in dreams, not by touching something. It is not fully explained, but his visions have some connection to his drawings, which are what spurred his paintings of the Hyde.

Did tyler scratch himself in Wednesday?

Enid and Wednesday go upstairs while Tyler stays downstairs and transforms into a Hyde. He begins chasing the two throughout the house, but they escape. To look innocent, Tyler scratches himself and transforms back into a human. Xavier shows up and he, Wednesday and Enid go back to Tyler's house to heal him.

Is Xavier obsessed with Wednesday?

He then remembers that she saved him years ago. Although Wednesday is obsessed with her investigation, Xavier shows that he cares about her and seems to be jealous when she's with his arch-enemy, Tyler Galpin.

Did Tyler actually love Wednesday?

Now, in an interview with EW, Doohan reveals whether Tyler ever harbored true feelings for Wednesday. He was blinded by his vengeance and what had happened to his mother, and therefore, the only thing he truly cared for was destroying Wednesday, the Addams Family, and Nevermore.

How old is Xavier in Wednesday in real life?

Xavier Thorpe is supposed to be around 16. Percy Hynes White is 21. Thorpe can bring his own works of art to life using his psychic abilities.

Is Enid in love with Wednesday?

Will Wednesday & Enid Have A Romance In Wednesday Season 2? For now, there aren't confirmed plans to make Wednesday and Enid a romantic couple. Aside from Wednesday's season 1 love triangle, Enid has her own love interest: the gorgon Ajax (Georgie Farmer).

Who is Xavier's ex girlfriend in Wednesday?

Bianca Barclay is also supposed to be around 16 while Joy Sunday is 26 years old. Barclay is Xavier's ex-girlfriend and one of the most popular kids at Nevermore. Wednesday's main rival during the season, Bianca's a siren who can use her voice to manipulate others.

What creature is Wednesday Addams?

Using the term "monster" loosely as 'has special powers'. Clearly, Wednesday is a psychic but I also consider her a monster type of 'Mary Sue' or 'Main Character', which has invulnerability and the power to do what needs to be done. The whole family has the 'main character' type of powers.

Is ms Thornhill the monster?

The reveal

By Wednesday's finale, we learn that the duo behind the monster terrorizing Nevermore were in fact Ms. Thornhill (Ricci) and Tyler (Hunter Doohan).

What creature is Morticia Addams?

She is described as a witch. In one episode, she wears a black pointed hat. Her family tree can be traced back to Salem, Massachusetts, and witchcraft is also implied at times in the television series.

What type of creature is Gomez Addams?

Gomez Addams
NicknameBubele (by Morticia; Yiddish for "darling")
OccupationLawyer, business tycoon, playboy
11 more rows

Did Wednesday like Tyler or Xavier?

Tim Burton's Wednesday sets up a love triangle between Tyler, Xavier, and Wednesday Addams early in the series. While Wednesday seems to develop feelings for Tyler, she is more interested in solving the Jericho mystery than chasing boys.

Why is Tyler the monster in Wednesday?

Tyler Is The Hyde In Wednesday Season 1

She eventually discovers that the murderer is a Hyde, the monstrous alter ego of Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan). Tyler's Hyde identity first appeared when he was a baby and his father kept it a secret for his whole life, in hopes he would never again transform.

Who is controlling the Hyde in Wednesday?

And it all leads to Wednesday's shocking discovery that her pseudo-boyfriend, local barista Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan), has been the Hyde all along — with her “dorm mom” and science teacher Miss Thornhill manipulating him as his master.

How did Thornhill know Tyler was a Hyde?

Another information dump: Thornhill knew about Tyler's mom from her father Ansel Gates, who kept tabs on all the outcasts. She got the job at Nevermore, used a plant-derived chemical to unlock Tyler's Hyde, and manipulated him by revealing the truth about his mother.

Was Tyler evil the whole time Wednesday?

While Tyler had presented a sweet and helping persona throughout Wednesday season 1, he was actually the monster behind many frightening attacks against Outcasts at Nevermore Academy, led by the evil Laurel Gates.

Who was Tyler groomed by in Wednesday?

Thornhill was the real Laurel, not Kinbott, and she used a plant-based serum to get Tyler, whom she took a liking to, on her side and groom him.

Who married Wednesday Addams?

Her darkness and sociopathic traits have been toned down, and she is in love with (and revealed to be engaged to) Lucas Beineke.

Does Xavier marry Wednesday?

Wednesday does not end up with Xavier in Wednesday season 1 despite what seemed to be set up by the show.

Was Xavier innocent in Wednesday?

However, after she began to suspect him of being the monstrous Hyde, things quickly deteriorated between them. Of course, he ended up being innocent, and Wednesday season 1 ended with the promise of a better season 2 relationship - which hopefully means a better background on Xavier's character.

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