How to Beat Level 13 in Apeirophobia (2024)

If you've managed to beat levels 0-10 of Apeirophobia, you'll still have plenty of chaotic levels ahead of you, including the Funrooms. Despite their name and colorful facade, these rooms are anything but fun; you're going to need a lot of heart to solve their puzzles and get through them alive. Here's how!

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Apeirophobia Level 13 Walkthrough

Where to find all Star Buttons in Apeirophobia Level 13

The first step of the Funrooms is pressing a group of star buttons around the playground area. There are 5 buttons total, and you'll have to channel your inner child to climb around and press them all.

Star 1

The first star will be the easiest of the bunch to press and is directly to the left as you enter the playground. It can be found by walking through the first gated area and heading toward the yellow wall.

Star 2

To find the second star, climb up into the playset right above the first star, continuing all the way to the very top of the net tower. You'll find the button on the green wall.

Star 3

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Jump down from the playset and head over to the right side, where you'll see some colorful tubes. Crouch down with CTRL on your keyboard to climb through the tubes and then climb up the ramp. You'll see the button on the red wall in the right corner.

Star 4

After pressing button 3, you should notice a tunnel leading out from this playset directly behind you. Start climbing through until you can turn right and start heading toward the middle playset. This is the only way to get into this playset since the ramp is blocked off by some tables. Inside, you'll find the fourth button beside a red chair.

Star 5

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Since you won't be able to get down from the middle playset with the blockage, head back through the tunnel until you get to the opening at the top of the net. Jump up, and you can climb over the top of the playset and head toward the back of the room. Use the red ramp on the right to climb up into the back net, and you'll find the last star button on the wall.

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How to use your camera in Apeirophobia

Now that you've pressed all the buttons, the door to the next area will open. At this point, the monster will appear on the map and begin hunting for players. This entity is particularly dangerous because you won't be able to see him unless you look through your camera.

To get out your camera, press Z on your keyboard and then M2 on your mouse to look into it. As long as you are looking at the monster, he won't be able to catch you. However, he can teleport and appear behind you, so always listen for the warning noise and heartbeat signaling that he is close.

Where to collect all plushies in Apeirophobia Level 13

The goal for this next area is to collect all three plushies to open the locked door to escape. This area is a bit of a maze, plus you'll have the threat of the monster, so use our hints below to help you find them more easily:

Plushie 1

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To find the first plushie, head to the right at the entrance toward the yellow-walled area, following your way through until you get to a green-lit party room with tables and chairs. On one of the tables, you'll find the blue plushie.

Plushie 2

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The second plushie is off the left side of the entrance. Head past the open yellow door and enter the red room. At the back corner, there will be a fenced-in area. Head through it, and you'll see an opening in the wall leading further through. Keep following the hallways until you get to a large open room, and you'll see the plushie in a green chair on the floor.

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Plushie 3

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This is the last plushie you're going to need, and thankfully, it's in the same room as the exit. Go straight from the entrance following the green walls. Traverse through the hallways until you get to the main party room with the stage. You'll see the blue door on the stage, which will be your escape. Walk toward the door and turn to the left, and you'll see the last plushie on a yellow table.

After you grab the last plushie, jump up onto the stage, head through the door to complete the level, and move on to another terrifying round.

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How to Beat Level 13 in Apeirophobia (2024)


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