How to beat Level 14 in Apeirophobia (2024)

After completing Level 13 and escaping the chaos of the Funrooms, you'll move on to one of the most difficult of the Chapter 1 levels: Level 14, the Electrical Station. While the puzzle isn't too complex, this location is one of the largest and most maze-like places you'll encounter in Apeirophobia. Keep reading below for a step-by-step on how to get through it as seamlessly as possible.

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Apeirophobia Level 14 Walkthrough

The main concept of this level is to track down two missing tools: the screwdriver and the wire cutters. Using these tools, you can open the electrical box at the entrance and unlock the door beside it. Both tools can be hidden anywhere around the map and spawn in random locations during each playthrough.

The easiest way to get through Level 14 is to make sure you have at least one friend to help you. The monster lurking here will jumpscare you periodically, which will set off an alarm. You will have a few minutes to turn off the alarm to keep yourself from getting killed.

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How to turn off the alarm in Apeirophobia Level 14

Once the alarm gets set off, you'll need to navigate your way to the power room. This room is right around the corner from the main entrance, and you'll see a paper telling you about the monster on the wall, along with an arrow pointing to the door.

Follow the arrows on the wall to get to the three levers and click on them to switch off the alarm. If one player camps this spot, they can turn off the alarm every time they are set off and keep you all from getting killed by the monster. However, you should keep in mind that the monster can still get inside this room. You'll still have to be quick about turning off the alarm to avoid being killed.

Where to find the screwdriver and wire cutters in Apeirophobia Level 14

Unfortunately, it's impossible for us to tell you the exact locations to find the tools since they spawn in random spots each time. You'll have to look in each individual room to try and locate them; they are outlined in a white light to make them stick out from the environment. It also helps to leave all the doors open, so you know which rooms you've already searched. Once you find a tool, click on it to pick it up.

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How to cut the wires in Apeirophobia Level 14

Once you have both tools, head back to the entrance where the locked door and electrical box are. Click on the electrical box to open it with the screwdriver, revealing a set of wires inside.

Cutting the wires is another random chance puzzle. You'll need to click on them to cut them and keep trying until the door opens. However, cutting the wrong wire will set off the alarm, so be sure to have someone ready on the levers or be quick about cutting them all. Once you hit the right wire, the alarm will automatically shut off.

What's the password for the computer in Apeirophobia Level 14?

Inside the now-unlocked room, you'll find a computer. This computer is used to unlock the exit and allow you to escape to the next level. However, you'll need to input the proper command password. Thankfully, this is written right on the wall beside the computer: CMD = Y. Interact with the computer, type Y into the input textbox, and press confirm. The exit should now be unlocked.

Where to find the exit in Apeirophobia Level 14

Even though you've unlocked the exit, you'll still need to find your way there. This can be difficult since the area is such a maze, but we have some step-by-step instructions to help you find it more easily:

  • How to beat Level 14 in Apeirophobia (8)
  • How to beat Level 14 in Apeirophobia (9)
  1. From the computer room, take the first right and continue all the way forward until you hit a wall.
  2. From the wall, turn left and continue forward until you hit a wall with a ladder on the floor.
  3. At the ladder, take a left, then an immediate right, where you should see an arrow on the wall.
  4. Take a right where the arrow points and continue forward into the opened exit door.

You have successfully escaped the Electric Station and can continue to the next level, where you'll need to find your sea legs.

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How to beat Level 14 in Apeirophobia (2024)


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