Olson Kundig — The Century Project at the Space Needle (2024)

The Century Project at the SpaceNeedle

Seattle, Washington

  • Design Principal

    Alan Maskin

Originally built for the 1962 World’s Fair, the Space Needle has become an international icon of the Pacific Northwest and a symbol of Seattle. Constructed in just over a year, the Space Needle pointed the way toward the future with a sense of optimism and possibility. In its 55th year, the Space Needle again looked to the future with the Century Project, a significant redesign that preserves the Space Needle’s legacy by creating a new visitor experience for the next 50 years.

Led by Design Principal Alan Maskin, Olson Kundig’s design of the Space Needle’s new “core and shell” builds on the same conceptual premise that originally informed the Space Needle – a place devoted to observation. The design includes the world’s first rotating glass floor on the lowest level, floor-to-ceiling glass barriers with integral glass benches on the observation deck, a new steel and glass stairway with a glass-floored oculus connecting all three floors, and revised interiors throughout the “top house” of the Needle. The Space Needle’s new enhanced sense of transparency continues Olson Kundig’s longstanding interest in breaking down lines that demarcate inside and outside, bringing emphasis back to the Needle’s original guiding principle: providing unparalleled views of the city.

Olson Kundig’s transformation of the landmark tower focused on revealing the ingenuity of the original structure, parts of which, including the mechanics of the revolving floor, are made visible for the first time. Improving the visitor experience was a primary design directive, with the revolving glass floor being a key component. This new transparent floor provides a 360-degree rotating window that guests can walk on, revealing a new view down the Needle’s steel superstructure to the Seattle Center campus below. The scope of the project, which is certified LEED® Gold for Commercial Interiors, also included necessary mechanical, building envelope and structural updates such as seismic retrofitting and accessibility improvements.

The new design allows visitors to witness the constantly changing city of Seattle below them – as the Space Needle was always intended to do – and see the engineering brilliance of the structure in newways. Alan Maskin


  • Design Principal

    Alan Maskin

  • Project Architect

    Blair Payson

  • Architectural Staff

    Marlene Chen
    Crystal Coleman
    Alex Fritz
    Julia Khorsand
    Hayden Robinson
    Nathan Boyd

  • Interior Design

    Naomi Mason

  • Interior Design Staff

    Laina Navarro

Olson Kundig — The Century Project at the Space Needle (1)

Olson Kundig — The Century Project at the Space Needle (2)

Olson Kundig — The Century Project at the Space Needle (3)

Olson Kundig — The Century Project at the Space Needle (4)

Photographer: Eirik Johnson

Olson Kundig — The Century Project at the Space Needle (5)

Photo: The Space Needle

Olson Kundig — The Century Project at the Space Needle (6)

Photo: The Space Needle

Olson Kundig — The Century Project at the Space Needle (7)

Photo: The Space Needle



AIA National Honor Award – Architecture


AIA Northwest and Pacific Region Design Awards, Merit Award

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Engineering News-Record National Best of the Best Project Awards, Renovation/Restoration Best Project

Engineering News-Record Northwest, Renovation/Restoration Best Project

Interior Design Best of Year Award Winner, Entertainment Category


Seattle 2030 District Vision Awards, Leadership Award


AIA Seattle Honor Awards, Honorable Mention



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Olson Kundig — The Century Project at the Space Needle (2024)


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